Did you know that Builder Registration has a smart phone app?

The app contains the training material taught in the Builder Registration foundation course.

The BR APP is designed to help reinforce what you have learnt in class as well as assist in your preparation and participation in class to help ensure you get the most out of training and most importantly, pass your interview on your first attempt.

The BR APP has 3 x modes; Easy, Medium & Hard.

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"The BR APP is bright, engaging and user friendly."

You will complete a series of tests and renovate the homes of the fictional town Rosewood.

At the end of each round of testing you will receive your report with the correct and incorrect answers and all incorrect answers will have the references to where to find the correct answer in your reference material.

The BR APP is free to download and test. To unlock the full material the cost is $48 p/month. We hope that you enjoy the experience!

Available on iPhone, iPad. Click here to view the app.

Also available on Android. Click here to view the app.

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