Melbourne’s Real Estate Market Update

- Update from Barry Plant - Let's get started with a market update.. UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND Over the last 2 years...
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Changes to Worksafe for Builders in Victoria

- Update from HazardCO - Changes to WorkSafe Incident Notification in Victoria THRESHOLD FOR INCIDENTS WorkSafe Victoria has revised the...
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How Do I Get My Builder Registration in Victoria?

GETTING YOUR BUILDERS LICENCE IN VICTORIA Domestic Builder Limited (DB-L) Registration are limited to trade services and there are a...
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Home Builders To Expect Delays & Price Rises

Home Builders To Expect More Delays & Price Rises Building material shortages, due to supply chain disruptions, are likely to...
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NCC 2022 preview and adoption dates

- Update from Builder Registration - 2022 NCC Seminars IMPORTANT DATES TO NOTE - We would like practitioners to be...
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NCC 2019 New Brand

- Update from Builder Registration - New Design for NCC NEWLY RELEASED Commencing with the release of NCC 2019 we've...
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Victoria’s building laws changed on 1 July 2018

Changes to Victoria’s building laws came into effect on Sunday, 1 July 2018. The reforms affect all building practitioners in...
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The Victorian Building Authority has deregistered, disqualified and fined a registered building practitioner $15,000 for 21 breaches of the Building...
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We’ve been helping trades and business professionals attain their Builder’s Licence in Victoria and apply for Builder Registration for over 9 years. With our proven systems, and training support, it’s our business to help you prepare for the assessments and know your stuff. Use our training and guidance to conquer the challenge and get registered now.

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