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Builder Registration was born out of need – the obvious need that, just because you have completed your Certificate IV in Building and Construction – or you have a Diploma in Building and Construction, doesn’t mean you can march up to the Building Commission and ask for your builder's licence.

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So how do you best prepare yourself and maximise your chances of successful registration?

The answer: Builder Registration.

The harsh reality is that you have to focus on the Application for Registration itself. If you have looked at the administrative detail involved in preparing and submitting the application to obtain your builder's licence, you will realise that not everybody has the time, skills or desire to undertake the task. We recommend you spend the time to Study all aspects of your application to prepare you fully. We can assist with either weekly group training or from one of our team of coaches. The good news is Builder Registration takes the pain out of the process by preparing your application and providing a comprehensive study and assistance plan.

We help people achieve their

  • DB-U’s
  • Project Manager (Domestic)
  • DB-L’s
  • CB-L’s
  • Multiple Interstate Registration

Builder Registration’s clients are typically broken into three categories

  • People who have recently completed their courses and want to maintain the momentum towards gaining their builder's licence and would rather engage a specialist who knows what they are doing and can fill in the knowledge gaps.
  • People who have been told by their builder buddies that they would be crazy to do it themselves – and they recommend us.
  • Experienced tradesmen who have already tried, but abandoned their applications to obtain their builder's licence because of the complexity.


We’ve been helping trades and business professionals attain their Builder’s Licence in Victoria and apply for Builder Registration for over 9 years. With our proven systems, and training support, it’s our business to help you prepare for the assessments and know your stuff. Use our training and guidance to conquer the challenge and get registered now.

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