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  • Please deduct from the credit card details listed below and understand payment must be cleared prior to Builder Registration Pty Ltd commencing on my application and completion payment is due prior to commencement of Training.

    1. Builder Registration Pty Ltd is committed to assisting clients (“the Client” or “Client”) as best it can to achieve the outcome(s) they desire. Builder registration cannot assume responsibility or liability for any unforeseen outcomes whatsoever including but not limited to unsuccessful building practitioner registration attempts by the client(s).

    2. Upon engagement of Builder Registration Pty Ltd by the client, the client agrees to be truthful at all times including but not limited to details with regards to industry experience and qualifications. The engagement of Builder Registration Pty Ltd by the client will be considered null and void if it is deemed by our legal advisors that there has been apparent misrepresentation of such details including but not limited to experience and qualifications. The full fees incurred will still remain due and payable by the client to Builder Registration Pty Ltd.

    3. Clients assume their own risk when attending any function/event or training held by, endorsed or otherwise associated with Builder Registration Pty Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or contractors. This clause is bound by but not limited to relevant statutory limitations.

    4. Upon engagement of Builder Registration Pty Ltd by the client, the client agrees to pay for all (fees and charges) and costs incurred from orders placed by the client, in accordance with schedule of fees and agreed payment time. Builder Registration Pty Ltd stringently reserves the right to take any actions necessary to recover amounts due to it by the client.

    5. Builder Registration course consists of 42 hours training delivered in 13 modules each of 3 hours duration. This is usually delivered 1 night per week over 14 weeks, however, this may change according to client demand and location. Additional individual and/or group training is available to clients at published rates. *Not applicable for interstate applications ONLY, Certificate IV or Diploma clients.

    6. Builder Registration Pty Ltd will provide agreed services to clients for a period of 12 months from date of signed acceptance. Builder Registration Pty Ltd will where possible meet all time requirements as promised in writing, verbally or otherwise. Builder Registration Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for circumstances beyond its control that cause delays of any kind to the timely delivery of products and or services. No compensation claims will be accepted or entered into, except where expressly advised in writing by one or more of Builder Registration Pty Ltd Directors upon legal advice.

    7. The client acknowledges that Builder Registration has incurred substantial upfront costs in meetings, appointing client services, stationary, printing and telephone communications and that the client has voluntarily entered into a legally binding agreement to proceed with the registration process. Consequently, a request for a refund constitutes a breach of this agreement and no refunds will be made.

    8. Should a client wish to re-engage the services of Builder Registration Pty Ltd after 12 months has elapsed a fee of $500 plus GST will be payable to reactivate the service for a further 12 months.

    9. Builder Registration Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility whatsoever for unauthorised representations, statements, promises or otherwise made by any staff, contractors or any other associates, agents or subsidiaries of Builder Registration Pty Ltd.

    10. Should additional work on any aspect of the Registration Application be required by the Victorian Building Authority or one of its assessors and the application has been signed off by the client, such work will incur an additional charge calculated at $75 per half hour plus the reimbursement of any direct disbursements.
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After submitting this form if the client has opted to pay by credit card please press the button to securely add payment details.


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