Builder Registration offers an end to end service to assist builders to prepare their registration / builders license application. Our service encompasses both the application preparation as well as a full training service to ensure you are equipped to handle the application process with the Victorian Building Authority.

If you have ever looked at the administrative detail involved in preparing and submitting the application, you will realise that not everybody has the time, will, skills or desire to undertake the task. The difficulty with this task, puts many a “deserving to be registered builder” off-side and they continue to work illegally, despite wanting to do the right thing and confirm with legislation.

Our comprehensive training program involves regular group training sessions on business management, building technology, contracts & legislation and building works management. We also provide our clients with our comprehensive study guide “the study buddy”. Our study buddy has hundreds and questions, plan faults and support to help you practice and reinforce your knowledge.

In addition to these services, Builder Registration is also able to offer assistance with branding and logo design, web design specialised private one on one coaching where required*.

*additional costs apply

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We’ve been helping trades and business professionals attain their Builder’s Licence in Victoria and apply for Builder Registration for over 9 years. With our proven systems, and training support, it’s our business to help you prepare for the assessments and know your stuff. Use our training and guidance to conquer the challenge and get registered now.

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