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Depending on your background and your desire to have an alternate income source, finding out more about commercial registration may well be worth the effort.

At Builder Registration, we find that many of our domestically registered builders apply to become commercial builder’s one-two years after they get their DB-U (domestic builder unlimited).

So, what are the commercial registrations that can be applied for:- we go.

  • CB-L-A: Blinds and awnings
  • CB-L-D: Fit-out – structural
  • CB-L-K:  Steel Erection
  • CB-L-L:  Low Rise
  • CB-L-M: Medium Rise
  • CB-L-N:  Sign Erection
  • CB-L-T:  Fit-out – non-structural
  • CB-L-U:  Structural Landscaping
  • CB-L-V:  Shade Structures
  • CB-L-W: Damp Proofing / Waterproofing
  • CB-U:    Unlimited

For example, to achieve CB-L-L (which is the one most of our guys aspire to), an applicant must demonstrate to the (one) assessor experience in tilt-panel construction and, usually, being a carpenter who can demonstrate work experience on commercial sites, will get the applicant CB-L-D.

Bottom line, it is illegal to build anything commercially without the applicant having a registered builder on the building permit.

……..unless you are the owner-builder – no registered builder required ……. Go figure!!

From an educational viewpoint, an applicant should possess the same competencies as a Domestic Builder must…. And have completed a Certificate IV – WHS, Diploma B&C, attained select WHS modules or an equivalent course. (the VBA decide what that means – subjectively)

To enable our clients to jump this hurdle, we work closely with another training institute. You can study in class or at home at your own pace. With the close assistance of our other training institute, our clients have sensational pass rates.

But there is lots of good news associated with Commercial Builder Registration. Here it is:

· Compared to the domestic process, commercial is easier.

· Domestic application fee is $946.20* and you have to go through the home warranty insurance application process. The commercial application fee is $125.70*, less if you are already domestically registered.

· Once you achieve your commercial registration, you have established another source of income potential.

· Lots of people need commercially registered builders.

*Prices correct as at the time of publishing

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We’ve been helping trades and business professionals attain their Builder’s Licence in Victoria and apply for Builder Registration for over 9 years. With our proven systems, and training support, it’s our business to help you prepare for the assessments and know your stuff. Use our training and guidance to conquer the challenge and get registered now.

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