Builder Registration is able to offer a number of different training options. Our standard registration packages all include our group training program which our clients find to be incredibly comprehensive. For those that need extra assistance for an additional cost, we also have personalised one on one coaching available.

Many of our trainers are registered builders themselves and have come through our own process. They are highly skilled and qualified to ensure you get the assistance you need to become a registered builder.




Angelo came into the Builder Registration doors several years ago to become a registered builder.  He was successful with his DB-M 42348 and then worked diligently in 2016 to obtain his DB-U 45743.

He is an outstanding Trainer for Builder Registration and has been a great asset to our Client’s success.

He now has more than a decade of experience in the Building and Construction Industry and is also running his own successful company Mak Training Centre

PaulSaynor trainer_opt

PAUL SAYNOR - (private trainer) DB-U 61390

Paul was one of our clients in 2018 that stood out as a possible trainer. He has great business and technical knowledge of the industry and is considered an ‘all-rounder’. Paul is another one of our private trainers who help assist our clients in a one on one environment.



Chris took up studying at Builder Registration in 2019.  He excelled in all aspects of the training and enjoys constantly learning every day in the Building Industry.  He has almost 2 decades of knowledge and experience in Building and has a strong passion for property development.

Trevor Hunt

TREVOR HUNT (Class and Private training) - DB-U 59519

Trevor came through builder registration in 2018. With 20 over years experience in the construction industry, from running his own businesses plastering through to Quality Assurance and over 8 years site manger and supervisor experiance with some of Australia's largest domestic builders. Trevor is currently spliting his time between running his own new construction and renovation business Coolart Constructions and conducting training classes and private coaching.



Jason achieved his builders licence with Builder Registration through our Ballarat course. As his dad is a registered DB-U Jason literally grew up on construction sites. As a qualified carpenter, now registered DB-U with over 12 years experience in the industry the model student now our model trainer. Jason grew up in Ballarat, is very down to earth and relatable guy who is always happy to go the extra mile to ensure his students pass on their first attempt.



Phil is one of our youngest trainers, but extremely enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to his students and to Builder Registration. Phil completed his DB-U with Builder Registration in 2019. He has a decade of building knowledge and experience behind him including business skills and being on the tools. Phil looks forward to expanding his own property developing company, PLM Design & Build.


Builder Registration have the systems in place to help you get your Builder's Licence.

Proven systems and highly trained staff to help you reach your goal in getting registered and thrive in your chosen field. We help you prepare for the test and know your stuff when you get to it through training and guidance.

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