Dear Builder Registration,

Finally received my  DB-U number, big thanks to Builder Registration team for making my application very easy and guide me through.

I have been recommending Builder Registration to all my colleagues.

Adam Cooler

Finally got news today that I am a DB-U. Thank you so much to the team at Builder Reg for the help you gave me to obtain my license. I will recommend you guys any time I can, as the study methods and application preparation you all provide are key to getting over the line.

Mark Sementilli

To Brian,  Colin and Steve,  and Teacher Dan

Thank you all so much, I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about becoming a successful builder, from bracing plans, to comping up my own lintels, thanks to your help, I now have an excellent understanding of 1684 Timber framing, Concreting, brick laying and steel.

I received my DB-U and then had the confidence to take on my first project, at $270 k two years later, I have just signed a contract to renovate and extend a Heritage building for a fixed price of $821 k!

Without your knowledge and guidance I’d be still building decks and pergolas for peanuts!!


Kristian Petersen

“I was granted my Commercial license (low rise) this week (21st August 2019,) by the VBA!

We are very, very happy and know that we certainly would not have been able to obtain it without Builder Registration's assistance and training.

We would certainly recommend your company to others!”

Glenn Murray

I’ve just received notification from the VBA (attached) that my application for CB-L registration has been granted.

Thanks to all at Builder Registration for your assistance. The information garnered from the training and assistance in putting the application together was invaluable and the key to my successful registration.

Regards Matt

Matt O’Connor

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful group of people you have working for you.

I started my journey with you in November last year and received my rego number today.

Nikki has been so wonderful through the whole process, she has kept me positive when things were getting overwhelming and honestly cared about me and my goal to attain my DB-U.  Without her I would never have got my application together. (I had tried numerous times in the past) and even today after I received my email from the VBA she was the first to call and congratulate me.

The Trainer was so informative, up to date and again, cared about me getting my rego.

The numerous questions and extra texts and calls (particularly in the week leading up to my interview) were always answered, and even if he had to chase something up for me he always got back with the info I needed.

There is no way I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for Nikki and staff and the systems put in place by Builders Rego.

Again, I have to thank you all for the hard work, time and effort that has gone into my file. I would highly recommend this process to anyone seeking their DB-U

Regards,  Mitch

Mitch Nibbs

Jess and Builder Registration

Good news and couldn’t have done it without you and Dan’s teaching.

Over the moon as it was a big gamble for me with my circumstances but it’s paid off.

Can’t believe I’m a DB-U!




Andrew Nicholls

August 22, 2017

Highly recommended!

Thank you to Colin Brewer & Builders Registration team.

They went above and beyond for our family!

Cannot thank them enough for their time, effort and guidance during the process.

Ending in a very positive result!

Brody Bennett & Amy Christensen

Brody Bennett

Fantastic feedback from Tim Pitman

Hey Builder Reg

Just a bit of a review on me getting my DBU !!!!

So my interview I felt was pretty casual the guy that interviewed me was Mario he basically went through my jobs with me and asked me about how the job started we talked about Slabs the frame all of its fixings and the trusses, we also got talking about the contracts and the paperwork side of it all which wasn’t my strong point but he could defiantly see I was more than competent in all other areas…

Builders Reg has been good to work with and I defiantly wouldn’t have had such a comprehensive overview of my carpentry career put together anywhere else. Their courses were great and I got a lot out of them…

Now to talk about the real backbone of me getting my DBU. I’m not the best at pushing myself, also organising my paperwork but BR really got me over the line with my DBU. They are awesome to work with and kept me so well organised and kept applying just the right amount of pressure to keep me going. They made my experience so much easier to handle I can’t thank them enough.

Thank you

This is DBU 45600 signing off thanks for all your help BR I couldn’t be happier.

Tim Pitman

Builder Registration My experience with builder registration over the last 8 months has been great. From go to woe I have been kept up to speed and on track. The methodic and thorough collection of information with the Builder Registration Team to build my fantastic application, was a process I could not have hoped to achieve alone and they kept my head above water with my own workload. The BR Team were excellent at keeping in touch with me about how my application was coming together, and overall was great to deal with, thanks Team. The Strong application was then strongly reinforced with Don Frasers Comprehensive and in depth classes and one on one tutoring sessions. I am a qualified carpenter and concreter, and even in those fields Don was a technician at finding the gaps in my knowledge, and filling them in during the tutor sessions. The classroom sessions can get quite complicated with the range of different trade backgrounds, and Don was excellent at dually keeping the class on track and targeting each individual to perform and prove our knowledge to him. Additionally teaching us all how to use our technical references smoothly and efficiently, a skill I have already applied to my work, and already reaping the rewards and enjoying the benefits of that training.   Also a huge thank you to Colin, since meeting him early last year when I did my cert 4 in building, to his site visit in Epping when he first signed me up to go for my registrations, and then when he drove all the way out to Broadford to visit me at my home, Colin was very down to earth and professional, and made me feel very confident to sign on with Builder Registration, and the process has gone perfectly just as he assured.

Thanks heaps Colin.  Anything I can do to help, Don, Colin or Builder Registration as a whole, never hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, everyone. Brad Kasch, Drover Projects

Brad Kasch

Dear Builder Registration,

On Wednesday the 8th of June I received my DB-U 44811 and I simply could not have achieved this if it was not for Builder Registration. I have had ambitions to get my DB-U for over ten years but thought it was becoming impossible after receiving the incorrect guidance from other courses I have been part of. I was recommended to use Builder Registration by another happy and successful client and it was the best thing I ever did.

Belinda put together my application and not only did a great job but was a pleasure to deal with quite often telling me not to stress. It was simply a matter of supplying her with the information required and she was able to put it together in a format that would be impossible for me to do myself.

I attended training sessions with Ang and Don over a period of 3 months and learnt more about the industry than ever before. I found the classes to not only be educational but a bit of fun as well. They supplied me with the guidance of what I need to know and where I can find it and as a carpenter if I knew where to get this information years ago it would have made my life much easier.

You definitely need to put in the time to learn what you need to know, but being supplied with what it is you need to know and where to find it is what Builder Registration do so well.

Many thanks in particular to Belinda, Ang and Don but also to the rest of the team at Builder Registration for making this possible, I cannot recommend you highly enough!!!

Many Thanks Ben Hall- DB-U 44811.

Ben Hall

I approached Builder Registration because I needed to obtain my commercial builder's registration, and the application wasn’t something that I could do on my own.

Builder Registration helped me by providing the right knowledge, guidance, and expertise to put together all of the many requirements for a registration application.

Builder Registration is very professional and well organised. They assign a dedicated case officer to assist you all the way to the end.

They have every aspect covered and are able to sort out any problems you might have with your application.

I found the experience once started, that it wasn’t that hard. I shouldn’t have put it off for so long.

I would recommend Builder Registration to anyone who needs to obtain their Builders Registration; I don’t think you would be successful with your application without them.


Tony Milne – Registration Number CB-L 44218

Tony Milne


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