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Our training services are divided into the following:-

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Builder Registration Course – various locations across Melbourne

3 hours of solid training over a 13-week cycle – our course is specifically tailored to not only assist you to pass the assessments but become a better Builder

Working through the NCC, Timber Framing Manual, Slabs and Footings, with plans in hand. Learning about estimating and trusses and then non-technical modules  – could be in contracts, business planning and financial management.

The Builder Registration resources

Our manual could have… maybe should have, been called the Study Bible. Comprising of hundreds of short-answer, multiple choice and frame –fault exercises.

All of our training is based around these consistently updated resources. Come and check it out – or see some of it online.

Weekly technical training and feedback

This training is mostly technical based – about 80% – but includes around 20% non-technical. Our trainers are registered DB-U builders.

Personal Coaching –  with our team of domestically and commercially registered builders, architects and building inspectors.

It’s a fact. Some people just can’t get enough training into them and prepared to invest extra time and money to increase their knowledge and, most importantly, their confidence. Our Trainers are in variable locations at different times and dates to suit.  Your strengths and weaknesses become pretty obvious and it is our job to eliminate any weaknesses to further enhance your chance of getting through the assessment successfully the first time.

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Training Builders

On-site training and refreshing

Builder Registration now has its own sites to train those who may not have the level of technical expertise required to pass the Victorian assessment system. We can get you on site at every stage of construction.

Contact us to Get Registered, or just
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We’ve been helping trades and business professionals attain their Builder’s Licence in Victoria and apply for Builder Registration for over 9 years. With our proven systems, and training support, it’s our business to help you prepare for the assessments and know your stuff. Use our training and guidance to conquer the challenge and get registered now.

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